My portfolio

About Me

I'm young, dynamic, hard-working and always on the lookout for knowledge. I'm an information technology student. My passion for information technology constantly drives me to learn and expand my skills. That's why I'd like, at the end of my studies, to be able to put all my knowledge into practice within a company, to have the opportunity to be part of a community and take part in major projects, making a personal contribution while continuing to acquire knowledge.

Experienced in backend development, python, Laravel, WordPress, database management, cloud computing, troubleshooting, digital marketing.

My Background

2015 - 2016 High School Degree


Work experience

2021 - 2022 Software developer at NEXAH SARL


2022 - Present Stocking at Walmart

2023 - Present Student at Delaware Technical community college

2018 - 2021 Database developer at Simple services

2017 - 2018 German courses(Zertifikat B2)

  • Project analysis

  • Project management

  • Team management

  • Back-end and Front-end development of web applications

  • Push SMS to customers and management

  • Machine Learning

  • Managing Backup & Recovery Database

  • Administration of Oracle RAC

  • Retrieving, Restricting and Reporting Data

  • Data Manipulating Language and Transaction Control Language

  • Writing a security policy

  • Oracle Database Administration and Management

  • Work on virtual machines

  • Configuration and management of Windows Servers 2012 R2

  • Work on the Linux environment

  • Development with Python

  • Troubleshooting

Reflection from ITN program

Information technology
  • Basic security concepts

  • Information Security Definitions

  • Learn about ways you can better protect yourself and others

Emerging Technologies Project

  • Learn more about emerging technologies in the areas of networking, programming and security.

  • Work on and reinforce social skills by presenting to peers.

  • Learn about the Internet of Things

  • Go over how they are involved in entertainment, medical and everyday life

  • Work with your peers to go over technology trends.

Internet of Things

  • Review ethics and the importance of the role they play in IT.

  • Articulate basic computer ethics for a given scenario within the IT field.

What I have learned?

Security in ethics is making sure that all due diligence has been done so that information has been protected. There is no completely secure system but IT individuals are trusted to protect user data to the best of their ability.

Creating a Basic Algorithm

What I have learned?

Programming and building a basic webpage

  • Learn about algorithms in our everyday life and programs

  • Cover logical thinking and its importance

  • How to HTML code

  • How to create and edit websites

Computer Ethics

What I have learned?

What I have learned?

What I have learned?

What I have learned?